Stagecon OSC Documentation

OSC Commands

Stagecon listens on port 4455 At the moment this cannot be changed


Create/Edit a timer/stagecon/[countdown|stopwatch]/set "Timer Name" ms s m h d
Reset a timer/stagecon/timer/reset "Timer Name"
Start a timer/stagecon/timer/start "Timer Name"
Stop a timer/stagecon/timer/stop "Timer Name"
Delete a timer/stagecon/timer/delete "Timer Name"
Delete all timers/stagecon/timer/deleteAll
Delete all countdowns or stopwatches/stagecon/[countdown|stopwatch]/deleteAll
Timer Customization
Change a timer's color/stagecon/timer/format/color \n "Timer Name" r[0-255] g[0-255] b[0-255] a[0-255]
Change the millisecond decimal precision/stagecon/timer/format/msPrecision [0-3]
Change countdown flash rate/stagecon/timer/format/flashRate milliseconds(int)

Stage Messages

Send a message/stagecon/message/post "Message Title" "Message Content" ttl(ms)